The participants of Wageningen 2023 have worked hard to draft policy proposals for the European Youth Parliament. After some finishing touches, the Academic Team is proud to present the resolutions that will be debated and voted upon in General Assembly.

The debates are ordered as follows: TRAN / FEMM / DEVE / AFET / LIBE I / LIBE II

New beginnings: expanding your horizon


The world we live in is an ever shifting place that can make us feel small and powerless. However, it is vital to understand the impact one person can have. The world consists of many single individuals that all have the ability to be the change they want to see in the world. However, not everyone has the same opportunities. We have to find ways to work together to provide equal opportunities to everyone so that we can all grow into our fullest potential. 

With this theme, we aim to inspire a new generation of young people that is not afraid to make mistakes and step outside of their comfort zone. By bringing people from all walks of life together and connecting them in the diverse environment EYP sessions always cultivate, we hope to create an unforgettable session that is the spark of a greater journey of growth for each and every one of the participants.

January 14 & 15

60 participants


Team leaders



Friday 13


Officials only

13:00Walk-in/Drop bags etc.
13:30General teambuilding (safety talk, name games in smaller groups)
14:20CMOJ trianing modules
16:00Coffee break
16:30CMOJ training modules
19:30CMOJ round-off and reflection
20:30Evening programme

Saturday 14

Teambuilding & Committee Work AT PRIMARY SCHOOLS
07:30Breakfast organising team/Wake everyone
08:00Orgas to primary schools to set up breakfast
08:15Transfer officials to primary schools
08:30Breakfast academic, media and jury team
09:00Arrival delegates
09:30General teambuilding @aula
10:00Teambuilding in committees
11:45Lunch @aula
12:45Teambuilding in committees/ Committee work
14:30Coffee break @aula
15:00Committee work
16:45Coffee break @aula
17:15Committee work
18:30Eurovillage @aula
19:30Studio Europa Maastricht workshop @aula
20:00Introduction workshop @aula
20:10Talentmarket @aula
21:50Transfer to ISK

Sunday 15

General Assembly at WUR
07:20Breakfast organising team
07:50Transfer to primary schools
09:00Transfer to WUR
10:10GA explanation
11:20Coffee break & group pictures
12:20Coffee Break
13:15Lunch (committee pictures)
14:50LIBE I
15:20Coffee break & group pictures
15:40LIBE II
16:20Tiny break
16:30Closing Ceremony
17:20Committee closure
17:30Departure delegates


  • Attendance of all mandatory events throughout the session promptly
  • Not abandoning the session venue without explicit permission
  • Respecting all cultures, religions, ethnicities, and personal differences
  • Behaving in a manner that suits the EYP-code
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy on drugs
    • alcohol consumption and tobacco usage are allowed starting from 18 years in the Netherlands according to national law
    • alcohol consumption for delegates is not allowed, since most of them are minors.
    • Officials can consume drinks that contains alcohol by volume under 15 percent. Alcohol consumption should not hinder officials to fulfill their duties.

Travel information

Over 80 people from all over the Netherlands and Europe will gather from the 13th of January until the 15th of January for the Wageningen Regional Conference’23. This booklet contains information about how to travel to Wageningen and how to get to the venue. With helpful tips and information about logistics, this book will be your travel guide.

January 13th: Officials’ arrival
January 14th: Delegates’ arrival
January 15th: End of the session and departures

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)

There are usually two options to get to Wageningen from Schiphol via train.

First option: You can take one direct train (direction to Arnhem Centraal/Nijmegen) to Ede-Wageningen.

Second option: You can take two trains and have one transition. You will take a train from Schiphol, then take a stop at the Utrecht Centraal train station, then leave for Ede-Wageningen.

To get to the busstops at Ede-Wageningen station, you need to go under the train station to the other side of the train track. A taxi is always an option, but keep in mind that it can be pricey and there aren’t that many available in a small cities like Ede and Wageningen.

Eindhoven (EIN)

You can take a bus to Eindhoven Centraal, then take a train to Utrecht Centraal, then again a train to Ede-Wageningen with the direction Nijmegen/Arnhem.

A really useful site where you can plan your train and/or bus journey and find more information about the possible trains and buses is .

You can buy train tickets at the big yellow ticket machines on the stations and in the bus itself or directly online (


There are many train and bus options to the Netherlands from other European countries. To find tickets you can use sites such as and . However, you might find more options if you search for bigger cities in the area such as Arnhem or Utrecht and get either a train or bus to Ede-Wageningen or Wageningen Busstation.


For delegates

The venues you will be working at are Johan-Frisoschool and OBS de Nijenoord. The address is “Hooilandplein 44, 6708 RT Wageningen, The Netherlands”. You are expected there on Saturday the 14th of January at 09:00. To get there from the station Ede-Wageningen you can get the bus to one of the closest busstops are called “Wageningen,  Business- en Science Park”, “Wageningen, Mondriaanlaan” and “Wageningen, Dijkgraaf” and from there it is (unfortunately) still a 15 minute walk. To get to either of those busstops you have to get the C3 bus from Ede-Wageningen which goes every 20 minutes. As mentioned before, you can get tickets physically on the bus itself and online.
The venue where you will be sleeping is Pantarijn ISK. The address is “Top Naeffstraat 10, 6708 SX Wageningen, The Netherlands”. You will transfer to this location at the end of the day on Saturday.

For officials

The venue where you will be sleeping at is Pantarijn ISK. The address is “Top Naeffstraat 10, 6708 SX Wageningen, The Netherlands”. You are expected there on Friday the 13th of January at 13:00. To get there from the station Ede-Wageningen you can get the bus to one of the closest busstops are called “Wageningen,  Business- en Science Park”, “Wageningen, Mondriaanlaan” and “Wageningen, Dijkgraaf” and from there it is (unfortunately) still a 15 minute walk to Pantarijn ISK. To get to either of those busstops you have to get the C3 bus from Ede-Wageningen which goes every 20 minutes. As mentioned before, you can get tickets physically on the bus itself and online.

Travel tips

Make sure to book your train and plane tickets at least 2 weeks in advance (if you are travelling from outside the Netherlands). You are more likely to find cheap tickets if you buy them further ahead of the session. In the Netherlands, you may be checked for your passport and personal identification, therefore make sure to carry them with you at all times. There is no current mask mandate but make sure to check the regulations a day before your arrival. Additional tip: Stay hydrated!


You can check from this website if you need a visa to travel to the Netherlands: 

You do not need a visa if you are from an EU country, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland. Make sure that your passport is up to date.

Packing list


  • Casual clothing for Committee Work
  • Formal clothing for General Assembly
  • Some warm and more comfortable clothes
  • Pyjamas
  • Comfortable shoes for the walk to the General Assembly
  • Rain gear if the weather calls for it
  • Themed outfit of your country for Eurovillage)


  • Sleeping mat or air mattress, a pillow, a sleeping bag, etc. (you will be sleeping in a classroom)
  • Themed food and drinks for Eurovillage
  • ID or passport
  • Health insurance card
  • Water bottle and mug

Personal items

  • Any (emergency) medication you may need
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste and soap
  • Washcloth or towel
  • Chargers


  • Pens, markers
  • Laptop/tablet & charger (if you can, not mandatory)
  • Any material you want to have printed


If you have any questions regarding your travels, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Yorick, on slack or via the channels below. You can also contact the HOs of the session on Slack.

Yorick Spekle (Organiser)

Email: [email protected]  

Mobile number: +31 6 11490141

Anna van Pouderooijen (Head-Organiser)

Email: [email protected]  

Mobile number: +31 6 51152695

Mara van Hermon (Head-Organiser)

Email: [email protected]

Mobile number: +31 6 46550391

Academic Topic Overviews

  • AFET
    Once bitten, twice shy: now that the war in Ukraine has made Europe painfully aware of its reliance on Russia for energy, the EU is keen not to fall into the same trap twice. With the continent still depending on third states such as China for raw materials and technologies, how can the EU increase its strategic autonomy and stay true to its values?
  • DEVE
    This time for Africa: The Global Gateway is Europe’s ambitious new project for worldwide investments, promising to invest 150 billion in Africa. But EU engagement in African countries carries significant historical baggage. How can European policymakers demonstrate that they are truly listening to African counterparts and that investments are led by local demand?
  • FEMM
    Error 404 – Women not Found: With the lack of gender-specific data creating gender discrepancies in healthcare, industry, and technology, how can the EU increase the collection and inclusion of this data in its policies in a sustainable, and future thinking manner?
  • LIBE I
    Rainbow families: this year, Slovenia became the 14th EU Member State to allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt. However, obstacles to full equality remain in other EU countries. How should the EU act to further the fundamental right of its LGBTQIA+ citizens to marry and start a family?
    Refugees (un)welcome: With the Council of Europe criticising the Netherlands over the treatment of migrants at the Ter Apel asylum seekers’ centre, the low and inadequate standards of refugee centres in Europe were again brought to light. How can the EU ensure conditions in such facilities uphold human rights and protect the dignity of refugees and asylum seekers?
  • TRAN
    Staying on track: Cross-continent railway travel is an important goal in the European Commission’s mobility strategy, but European national railway companies are not yet a fully integrated network. Given the importance of climate-friendly travel, how can the EU create a reliable and integrated European railway network to make cross-continent railway travel more attractive?

Safety & Welfare

In the European Youth Parliament we work hard to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of all participants and volunteers. At all our conferences, there will be at least individuals committed to safety and welfare: trained Event Safe Persons (Vertrouwenspersonen) & licenced Emergency Response Officers (Bedrijfshulpverleners – BHV’ers).

Fleur Kiliaan

emergency response officer

Yu Vos

emergency response officer

Agata Oskroba



Samir Mammadov



Dear Participants of Wageningen 2023,

EYP is a space to develop, learn and grow. It is also a place to meet truly great people from across Europe. We are gathering in Wageningen to have a good time while challenging our minds. It’s crucial to make sure everyone feels welcome and included, thus we’re asking you to keep in mind that we all come from different backgrounds and to be respectful to each other. Have an open mind and a positive attitude, and embrace the challenges and experiences coming up during the weekend.

Our role at the session is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, your needs are met and everything is done according to our international standards. In case you have any questions or feel like something is off, feel free to approach me or any member of NC Board. We will help you and answer all of your questions. 

This session is aimed at giving you a safe space to share your ideas and be creative. I hope you all can embrace this opportunity and give it your fullest attention. EYP is truly an incredible experience and it brings together so many young people from across Europe. You will only get out of this experience what you put in! Get involved, speak your mind and most importantly enjoy the experience!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,


Additionally, there is a National Safe Person for back-up and extensive Safety & Welfare policies on an international level.


Created by the Media Team of the session, led by Editress Sofia Kasapidou (GR).


Evening Program

Committee Work

General Assembly

Officials Training

Media Project: EYP Smiles