EYP the Netherlands is run by volunteers, who have participated in conferences in the past and continued their EYP journey as facilitators and organisers.


The day-to-day functioning and strategic development of the organisation is managed by a Board (bestuur) of experienced volunteers. They are committed to the execution of our mission and dedicated to the improvement of our events. Six Board Members are elected per Informal Poll among the active volunteers and installed by the Supervisory Council for a 1-year term on September 1st. The 2023-2024 Board consists of:

As treasurer of EYP the Netherlands, I am responsible for all financial matters of the organisation. My tasks include setting a yearly budget, drafting financial reports, declaring taxes, and overseeing the finances of our events. Additionally, I support the National Conference Coordinator in the organisation of the National Conference.

dana kijl

national conference consultant

As National Conference Consultant I support and guide the Head-Organisers of the National Conference.

minke van der heide

REGIONAL conference coordinator & outreach officer

As Regional Conference Coordinator I oversee and support the organisation of the Regional Conferences of EYP NL.  Additionally, in my role as outreach officer, I aim to diversify our organisation by reaching new alumni from different backgrounds and locations in the Netherlands!

lucas de graaf

hr coordinator & Fundraising officer

As Human Resources Coordinator, I am responsible for the contact with our Alumni. Additionally, I am responsible for Public Relations. In this role I manage the social media channels of EYP the Netherlands and I make content for them. Adding to this, I am the fundraising officer. This entails that I am in charge of contact with other businesses in order to organise collaborations and sponsorships.

This Board was preceded by 24 Boards


The Board is supported by working groups. If you want to share ideas or ask questions, you can contact the committee coordinator or chairperson.

Workshop Committee

These volunteers prepare and deliver workshops at high schools to introduce EYP to students and prepare delegates for their conferences. In 2023-2024, the Workshop Committee is coordinated by Minke van der Heide and compiled of

  • Anouschka de Graaf (chairperson)
  • Madelief van Poelvoorde
  • Kik Maassen

Alumni Representatives

These volunteers organise fun activities for the active participants and volunteers of EYP the Netherlands throughout the year. In 2023-2024, the Alumni Representatives are led by Lucas de Graaf and compiled of

  • Paula Vermaas
  • Fenna Winter
  • Gabrielle Groeneveld
  • Pau Weenk
  • Elena Stunda

Lustrum Committee

LuCoV shapes the 25th anniversary of EYP the Netherlans in 2023. They organise celebration events and other lustrum projects throughout the entire year, starting their preparations in 2022. The Lustrum Committee is coordinated by Joris Dietz and compiled of

  • Suzanne van Spijker (chairperson)
  • Erik Koeken
  • Saskia van Berloo
  • Sander Wagemans
  • Hannah Wessels
  • Ciarán Meers
  • Esin Esendir

Media Design Committee

These creative volunteers work on the Public Relations of EYP the Netherlands by publishing social media posts. The Media Design Committee is coordinated by Mara van Hermon and is compiled of

  • Joris van der Heide
  • Tigo Costa Visser

Check out their work on social media!

Safe Team

The safety, dignity and wellbeing of participants and volunteers at our events are guarded by the Event Safe Persons (ESP, vertrouwenspersonen), who are supervised by a National Safe Person (NSP).

Contacting an ESP or the NSP will be treated with confidentiality. Private information will not be shared with anyone, unless once agreed upon with the person in question.

National Safe Person

The National Safe Person (NSP, vertrouwenspersoon) is responsible for ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of those involved with EYP NL in any capacity is upheld.

The NSP is available for questions, concerns, and reports of harmful behaviour from everyone involved with EYP NL. They also support the Board of EYP NL when it comes to policies related to welfare.

Event Safe Persons

During events of EYP NL, two Event Safe Persons (ESP, vertrouwenspersoon) will be present, to whom you can go when you feel there is a matter of concern regarding your own or someone else’s safety or wellbeing. If you do not feel comfortable reporting an issue to an ESP, or if there is a matter you want to discuss when not at an event, you can always contact the National Safe Person.

The Event Safe Persons for the 2022-2023 season will be selected in September 2022.

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