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  • Jarne van der Poel (NL)

    Jarne van der Poel (NL)

    EYP is not organised by teachers or professionals, but by a team of young people like yourself, from all across Europe. We are ready to welcome you with open arms. Rest assured that we are here to guide you through this programme every step of the way! 

    The European Youth Parliament is a bit different from similar programmes you may know. First of all, it is not really a debating competition. Instead of competing, it asks you to work together with your peers from other schools, to find the best solutions for the issues facing Europe. EYP is about expanding your horizon: you will discover issues in European society that you may have never heard about before and listen to the views of other young people you have never met before! I encourage you to allow EYP and the people in it to challenge you and broaden your horizons.

    EYP is also not a simulation – where you have to represent the position of a certain country – but instead encourages you to share your own opinions about current social and political issues. Try to grab this opportunity with both hands to let your ideas for the future of Europe be clearly heard!

    I cannot wait to hear from you,

    Kind regards,


  • Word of Welcome from the President of Haarlem 2022

    Dear Participants,

    It is my greatest honour to be presiding Haarlem 2022 – Regional Conference of EYP the Netherlands and now it comes to great pleasure to welcome you to the session. It is always a pleasure to return to NCs that I have worked with, this time EYP the Netherlands has entrusted me with presiding over one of their sessions. Together with the amazing Leadership of the session we will do everything in our powers to make the session as enjoyable for you as possible. 

    With the overarching theme: New Beginnings, and Haarlem 2022 specific motto: Navigating road to recovery, I believe that we are finally at a point where we can focus on how we can make our lives and society better rather than on how to survive one crisis after another. 

    I believe that upon leaving Haarlem you will have made many new friends, discussed many new ideas and felt “connected” with people you have not even met a few days before. I strongly believe that though we may come from many different countries and backgrounds, at the end of the day, we are not all that different. As such, I aim for the academic focus of the session to be on how our differences connect us and how we can use them to learn more about each other. With that being said, I truly cannot wait for what is ahead of us.

    See you soon in Haarlem

    Marek Příplata