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  • Mara van Hermon (NL) & Anna van Pouderooijen (NL)

    Mara van Hermon (NL) & Anna van Pouderooijen (NL)

    Additionally, Wageningen is very green, in both senses of the word. Surrounded by the beautiful Binnenveldse Hooilanden, de Uiterwaarden with the river Rhine and de Wageningse Berg with its forest and arboretum, among other things, you are really immersed in nature. Therefore, there is a big focus on sustainability with an abundance of second-hand stores and small businesses selling local products. We want this theme to be palpable throughout our session and to highlight local entrepreneurs and creatives.

    Our goal is to challenge and be challenged. We want to learn from more experienced EYPers, but also from you: our delegates. By the end of our session we hope to have helped you become more independent and curious young people, which are two qualities that we value deeply. ‘Exploring’ and ‘broadening your horizon’ are some of the key words of our session. We feel it is important to keep growing and dare to look outside your bubble even though that might be uncomfortable.

    Us both being first-time (Head-)Organisers, we were unsure of what this journey would bring and if we were even qualified enough to take on a project this big. What we have learned is that, with the help of others, you grow into the role you were convinced was too challenging for you. A regional selection conference is often the first step in the EYP career of many delegates and officials and we want you to feel comfortable to explore these new sides of yourself, because it is crucial to keep expanding your knowledge and skills in this ever-changing world. 

    Lastly, we want to challenge and be challenged, spark your creativity, encourage you to make mistakes, ask questions and most of all believe in yourself, because we will be learning and growing alongside you. A quote that resonated with us very much is:

    I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that!

    Pippi Longstocking

    With that we hope to have sparked your enthusiasm and we are looking forward to seeing you in Wageningen!


    Anna and Mara

  • Words of Welcome Head-Organisers

    Welcome to Haarlem!

    We are beyond excited to gather so many of you in our hometown Haarlem! When we started organising this conference back in May, it was impossible to imagine exactly what the conference would look like. We had ideas, dreams and could not wait to start organising the session. Along the way, we found out that organising a session is not as easy as we initially thought. However, after uncountable moments of personal growth, we can say that we are extremely proud of the conference, and extremely thankful to all the people who helped us create and execute our vision.

    For you, delegates, Haarlem can also be a great opportunity for your own personal growth. We will do our utmost to make the regional conference of Haarlem a place where such growth is easy to obtain. We understand that a regional session can be overwhelming sometimes because of the group of people you don’t know that well or when you represent your committee with a speech, but we still highly recommend you to take on that challenge!

    Moreover, we would like to encourage you to engage with all the people at the conference.

    EYP is a special organisation, which is entirely due to its members from all over Europe. At a conference like this, which is relatively short, it might seem difficult to bond with people, but give it a go! Maybe you’ll get to meet these people again later on, maybe you won’t, but either way you can have fun with them during the couple of days you do get to spend with them. 

    See you in Haarlem,

    Ruben and Nagham