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  • Word of Welcome from the Editress of Haarlem 2022

    Dear participants,

    It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Haarlem 2022- Regional Session of EYP Nederlands.

    “Navigating the road to recovery”, dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and finding new ways to deal with this beautiful world is driving us all. It is my honour to be the editor of this session and create with the media team, and your great out put. 

    As the media team of this session, we want our media output to reflect the bright future we envision. With this session, I want to showcase the fantastic projects and outputs that can be created. I am excited and honoured to be able to document this step forward. Let’s take the stage together. We the media team are honoured to be able to document this step forward and allow the memories made to be kept forever.

    We will create a varied output for the session to allow for the session to be remembered in many different ways. On behalf of the media team, there is only one thing more to say: We are so excited to meet all of you individuals and hopefully work with you as the session progresses. 

    Let’s start this exciting journey together! You will discuss various issues and take the steps forwards to a future without inequality, exclusion, discrimination, unemployment and mental well-being. In this session, you will meet new people, some of whom could become great friends. Media is a place where you can express yourself without fear.  BE YOU ! 

    Therefore I  encourage you to participate in all the activities actively and contribute as much as possible. After the session, you will have the media output to reflect on, and you can laugh and smile at the memories and friends you have made.

    Thank you for joining us on the adventure ahead of us, and we can´t wait to be fabulous together.

    Warm welcome,

    Hannah Amanda Aichhorn