Resolution AIDA


Recent  advances  in  AI  systems  in  Medicine  and Healthcare present  extraordinary  opportunities  in many areas of social interest together with significant questions and drawbacks, calling for a close consideration of their implementation. What stance and/or steps should the EU take in the near-future applications of AI in this particular sector?

Submitted by: Yutaro Yamamoto, Thomas Otter,  Sinead de Visser, Marcus van Strien, Nida Abraitytė (Chairperson, LT)

The European Youth Parliament aims to promote the exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) to its fullest potential in healthcare, while taking into account the risks associated with it. It seeks to use scientific knowledge to create a flexible and all inclusive framework that prevents biases and discrimination. It also wants to promote development in the field to bring benefits to the society at large and make Europe a world pioneer in AI regulation


Therefore, the European Youth Parliament,

  1. Calls upon Member States to urge AI developers to make  patients’ data as anonymous as possible to prevent possible discrimination;
  2. Requests the European Commission to create guidelines on the data that is used to train the AI in healthcare;
  3. Directs the European Commission to aid AI companies through programmes such as the Digital Europe Programme in implementing AIA regulations by providing funding and expertise;
  4. Requests Member States to ensure that AI developers make the process of developing and training AI more transparent in order to reduce citizens’ unwillingness to provide access to their healthcare data that is to be processed by AI;
  5. Urges Member States to provide means to exchange best practices on AIA adoption;
  6. Calls upon Member States to allocate more funds to the development of AI, in order to boost the development and the uptake of AI technology in healthcare;
  7. Asks the European Commision to cooperate with EUROCHAMBRES in informing European companies on existing and future AI regulations including the AIA regulations.