Words of Welcome Head-Organisers

Welcome to Haarlem!

We are beyond excited to gather so many of you in our hometown Haarlem! When we started organising this conference back in May, it was impossible to imagine exactly what the conference would look like. We had ideas, dreams and could not wait to start organising the session. Along the way, we found out that organising a session is not as easy as we initially thought. However, after uncountable moments of personal growth, we can say that we are extremely proud of the conference, and extremely thankful to all the people who helped us create and execute our vision.

For you, delegates, Haarlem can also be a great opportunity for your own personal growth. We will do our utmost to make the regional conference of Haarlem a place where such growth is easy to obtain. We understand that a regional session can be overwhelming sometimes because of the group of people you don’t know that well or when you represent your committee with a speech, but we still highly recommend you to take on that challenge!

Moreover, we would like to encourage you to engage with all the people at the conference.

EYP is a special organisation, which is entirely due to its members from all over Europe. At a conference like this, which is relatively short, it might seem difficult to bond with people, but give it a go! Maybe you’ll get to meet these people again later on, maybe you won’t, but either way you can have fun with them during the couple of days you do get to spend with them. 

See you in Haarlem,

Ruben and Nagham