Word of Welcome from the Head of Jury of Haarlem 2022

Hello all! I hope that you are as excited to come to the session as I am. My name is Iona, I’m a law student from Edinburgh, and I will be Head of Jury at the session.

At the session, the jury team will be prioritising self-development. We want all session participants that we interact with to focus not on future selection, but instead on the opportunity right in front of them. The jury team hopes to create a comfortable, ambitious environment at Haarlem where we can all try out new things, take risks, and have the space to self-reflect and grow. We are hoping to inject fun into the selection process, innovating methods to be as productive as possible whilst equally ensuring the welfare of all participants.

We hope that all participants will open their eyes to new perspectives, learn something new, and take the time to get to know their fellow participants. The jury team is always open to answer your questions about the session, EYP, or anything else you might want to chat about. We can’t wait to meet you all!

See you in Haarlem,