as participant!

High school students aged 15 to 18 may from all educational levels may participate our regular program as delegate. You can form a school delegation for a Regional Conference or sign up individually. The best participants are selected to take part in the National Conference.

MBO students are encouraged to contact the Outreach Officer if they want to join EYP. They may directly participate in the National Conference, or start a small-scale EYP event at MBO level.

HBO or WO (university) students are also encouraged to ask for special opportunities, as the regular program does not suit their academic and social level. Yet, International Fora generally fit well with this group, so please contact the International Coordinator.

minke van der heide

REGIONAL conference coordinator & outreach officer

as volunteer!

After you have participated in a conference as delegate, you are an Alumnus of EYP the Netherlands. That means you can work as volunteer at conferences here or in any other national committee in the EYP network.

lucas de graaf

hr coordinator & Fundraising officer

When you become a volunteer, a whole new world opens up to you. That is incredibly fun and way less formal than it may seem as a participant. I encourage you to become a volunteer for you to see the open and heartwarming side of EYP.

Jelle (19)