Motion for a resolution by the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy II

Submitted by: Bibi de Mooij, Christiaan Kleemans, Crimson Mahoney, David Cvetkovski, Muco de Vries, Safan Dollart, Tianshu Huo, Matilde Scatizzi (Chairperson, IT) 

The European Youth Parliament,

  1. Aware of the fact that the demand for energy is gradually rising since Russia decided to cut off its energy supply to Europe,
  2. Acknowledging that Member States use fossil fuels for 70% of their energy needs, while renewable energies only make up 22% of consumption, 
  3. Concerned by the fact that fossil fuels are responsible for 90% of the EU’s CO2 emissions,
  4. Aware that the fossil fuel energy supply is limited and that, at this rate, is estimated to only last until 2060,
  5. Noticing that the European Commission has decided to define natural gas as green1,  thus supporting new gas projects instead of boosting renewable energy,
  6. Aware that the actions taken to reach the REPowerEU plan, which would require the usage of at least 45% of renewable energy by 2030, have been insufficient,
  1. Calls upon the Member States to implement LNG as a short term solution to compensate for the Russian gas cut;
  2. Urges Member states to increase their renewable energy storage by implementing the Batstorm project2, which already works in different Member States such as the Netherlands and Spain;
  3. Encourages Member States to implement the use of biomass energy, sourced from manure and algae, as a transitional solution to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on energy import from other countries;
  4. Advises the European Commission to redefine natural gas as a non-renewable energy source;
  5. Commends the use of nuclear energy by Member States as a transitional source of power for Europe to reach its goal of carbon neutrality;
  6. Encourages Member States to raise awareness on small-scale sustainability and energy conservation  through educational programs and media campaigns with the support of NGOs.
  1.  Green energies are renewable energy and comes from sources that are constantly and naturally renewed, such as wind power and solar energy
  2.  Batstorm project identifies and supports research and development needs in the area of battery-based energy storage