These are the most common terms and abbreviations used in EYP.

jargongeneral term
nationalsNational Conference
regionalsRegional Conference

Official Teams

Organising TeamAcademic TeamMedia TeamJury
Head-Organisers (HOs)PresidentEditorHead of Jury (HoJ)
Core-OrganisersVice-Presidents (VPs)Editorial Assistants (EAs)
OrganisersChairpersonsJournalist/Media Team MembersJury Members


APKAcademic Preparation Kitcollection of Topic Overviews to facilitate delegates’ preparation for a session
BNCBoard of National Committeesinternational management entity consisting of representatives from all National Committees, meeting twice per year
CBCoffee Breaksession element where drinks and snacks are served to Officials and delegates
CCClosing Ceremonyplenary meeting at the end of a session with speeches from the Leadership and optionally guest speakers
CMOJ / CMO / CJO DayChairpersons Media Organisers Jury Day / Officials Training Dayday before a session where Team Leaders prepare their Official teams with Teambuilding activities and training modules
CWCommittee Worksession element where delegates produce a resolution through cooperation and consensus
dellie/deledelegateparticipant of a session
EAEditorial AssistantOfficial supporting Editor and Media Team Members
ESPEvent Safe PersonOfficial dedicated to the safety and welfare of delegates and Officials at sessions (‘vertrouwenspersoon’)
EYPEuropean Youth Parliamentconcept and organisation of our network
FRfundraisingactivity and organising/management field of finding financial and in-kind resources to support events
GAGeneral Assemblysession element where delegates discuss each others resolutions in a plenary debate led by the Academic Board
GBGoverning Bodyinternational management entity seated by 6 members on a 2-year term
GTBGeneral Teambuildingsession element where all Officials introduce themselves to the delegates, often involving energising games
HOHead-Organiserproject manager of an EYP event
HOJHead of Juryleader of the Jury, end-responsible for the selection of delegates
HRHuman Resourcesorganising/management field about people in the organisation (HR coordinator)
IOInternational Officeinternational management entity based in Berlin, employing 12 team members
JournoJournalistOfficial capturing events in photos, videos and other media projects
MEPMember of European Parliamentguest speaker with political power
MPMember Platformdigital portal to find people in the EYP network and apply for Official roles at sessions
NCNational Committeenational branch organisation of EYP, e.g. EYP the Netherlands
NSCNational (Selection) Conference4-day session taking place every year in February
NSPNational Safe Personexperienced and inactive EYP volunteer dedicated to the execution of international welfare policy in their National Committee
OCOpening Ceremonyplenary meeting at the start of a session with speeches from the Leadership and optionally guest speakers
PresiPresidentleader of the Academic Team, end-responsible for the quality of Topic Overviews and resolutions
reso(s)resolutionsacademic output of session, produced by committees
RSCRegional (Selection) Conference2-day session taking place 4 times per year in Autumn/Winter
T4ETTraining For EYP Trainers
TBTeambuildingsession element where delegates get to know each other
TOTopic Overviewtext written by Chairperson to introduce and summarise the topic of their committee
VPVice-PresidentOfficial supporting the President and Chairpersons