Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to the most asked questions about EYP!

How can I participate in a session?

Your teacher can register a school delegation for one of our Regional Conferences. Single high school students aged between 15 en 18 years can sign up as individual delegates. MBO, HBO and university students can contact our HR Coordinator to explore special opportunities for different levels of education.

How can I volunteer for EYP?

When you have participated in a session as a delegate, you are an alumnus of EYP the Netherlands and you can register on the international Members Platform. Then you can apply as Official to any session in the Netherlands and any other National Committee in the EYP network!

If you are at a session abroad, do you get the chance to explore the city a bit or is it full-time EYP?

A national conference gathers mostly native people, so the program probably does not include free time or cultural exploration. Then it is best to book a stay before or after the session to take time for that, which a lot of people do. At bigger events, International Sessions or International Forums, where there are delegates from all over Europe, there is usually time for cultural exchange. Like a Cultural Day where you tour the city or visit a museum, or a Cultural Night to showcase the country.

What do all those words mean?

EYP is a large network of people using a certain slang or jargon to communicate about EYP. The most important terms and abbrevations are clarified in this glossary.

How can a delegation prepare themselves for a conference?

The least delegates can do before a conference is read the Topic Overview of their committee that is provided by their Chairperson. Furthermore, they are highly encouraged to do their own further research into the topic. Besides, teachers can request a workshop for their students by sending an email to our Regional Conference Coordinator.

Do teachers need to accompany their students throughout the conferences?

At Regional Conferences, teachers are not expected to join their delegations for the entire weekend. They are warmly invited to attend the General Assembly on Sunday and so observe their students’ performance. If they wish, teachers may be present during Teambuilding and Committee Work activities too, but accommodation at the school is not provided.

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