For high school students aged 15-18. Get an impression from our Facebook albums.

Regional Conference

2-day sessions with 50 participants and 25 volunteers.

High school delegations of 6-8 students work in 4-6 mixed committees and are selected for the National Conference.

Saturday morning: arrival, General Teambuilding and Teambuilding in committees

Saturday afternoon: Committee Work

Saturday evening: Eurovillage

Sunday: General Assembly and Closing Ceremony

National Conference

4-day session with 100 participants and 50 volunteers.

The best school delegations work in mixed 8-10 committees. Individual delegates are selected for International Conferences.

Friday: arrival, General Teambuilding and Teambuilding

Saturday and Sunday: Committee Work

Monday: General Assembly and Closing Ceremony

Evening programs range from Euroconcert to Panel Debate.

International Conferences

8- to 10-day sessions with 200+ participants and 50+ volunteers.

International Sessions are the flagship events of the EYP network and are organised 3 times per year in cooperation with the international EYP office. International Fora have a similar set-up but enbody more cultural elements and are organised independently.

Volunteer weekends

For the active volunteers of our organisation.

Spring Weekend

This weekend in April is the chance for participants of the National Conference to reunite, and for the new Board Members to kick off their term.

Autumn Weekend

This weekend in September or October is the chance for volunteers of the upcoming Regional Conferences to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in management, academics and media. Every few years, this training event is co-organised with EYP Belgium and EYP Luxembourg.

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