Jaarverslag 2019

In het Jaarverslag van 2019 zijn alle prestaties van dit jaar te lezen. Zo kunt u lezen over onze Regionale Conferenties en Nationale Conferentie uit dit jaar, maar ook welke verdere activiteiten er in EYP Nederland georganiseerd zijn, en wat wij internationaal gezien gedaan hebben. Lees het Jaarverslag 2019 hier. (Our annual report is only available in Dutch)

Mobility Fund

We provide a mobility fund for those who are not able to attend a conference due to its costs. The mobility fund applies for first-time delegates of our Regional and National conferences, and delegates that are selected to attend a conference abroad. To read more about our mobility fund in and fill in the application form, click here for Dutch and here for English. Forms can either be printed, signed manually and scanned or digitally signed using Adobe Acrobat. In any case, send the signed form to [email protected].

Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety and integrity of our events, all participants sign a Code of Conduct. Click here to read the rules set up in the Code of Conduct. 


Privacy statement/Privacy verklaring

In our privacy statement you can learn why we collect your data, what we do with your data and what your rights are concerning your data. Read the privacy statement in Dutch here. Read the privacy statement in English here.

Jury Criteria

To attend a National or International Conference, participants must first be selected by a jury during a Regional Selection Conference. Click here to read what criteria our jury teams use when selecting participants. Please note, if participants are not selected for a National or International Conference they still are alumni of our organization, and welcome at all our events.


Every year, the foundation publishes an annual report on the organisation’s activities as well as a financial reporting of the recent financial year. Click here for the reports.


For more understanding of the functioning of our organisation as a foundation, you can read our beleidsplan (policy plan). Please note that it is written in Dutch. Click here for our policy plan (beleidsplan).


As a foundation registered as a legal entity in The Netherlands, Stichting Europees Jeugdparlement has a set of statutes to which all functionaries adhere to. Click here for the most recent statutes (2015).