Category: WRC’23 Words of Welcome

  • Katie Thacker (UK)

    Katie Thacker (UK)

    After the event, we will be able to provide feedback on this, and you may be invited to be a delegate at future EYP the Netherlands events. Whilst this is an exciting prospect, it is by no means the be all and end all of the weekend and we hope that throughout the weekend you throw yourself into the event, learn something new and broaden your perspectives and understanding of current topical issues.

    It can be a bit unnerving to enter such an unfamiliar environment, and I remember being terrified before my first EYP event in 2018! Looking back, my advice for you is to enter the process with an open mind, the bravery to step outside of your comfort zone, and an eagerness to listen to and learn from others. It is likely you will encounter new perspectives and differences of opinions this weekend and I encourage you to see this as an opportunity to consider topics from new angles; it’s not always about speaking the most or having the loudest voice in a room. I encourage you to express your opinions and engage in discussions with a focus on respect, tolerance, and kindness. Listen to each other and approach issues from the basis of our shared values of non-discrimination, tolerance, solidarity, pluralism, justice and equality. It is these skills which we value in EYP, and which will hopefully enable you to take the experiences of the weekend into your own personal life. 

    Whilst the jury team are often perceived as the ‘judgers’ at EYP events, it is perhaps more important that you place our organisation on trial and decide if EYP is something you would like to be a part of. Regardless of selection, our organisation welcomes you with open arms. I think I speak for us all when I say we hope you enjoy what you experience this weekend and choose to remain involved. Even if you decide this is perhaps not for you, we hope you take something away from the experience, and the best way to do so is to fully immerse yourself in the weekend, and the unique (and at times odd!) elements of EYP;  as the saying goes ‘a closed mouth doesn’t get fed’. 

    I can’t wait to see you in Wageningen! 


  • Théophane Gauthier (FR)

    Théophane Gauthier (FR)

    The Media Team is here to capture the best moments of this session, and to create wonderful projects that will make everyone’s memories count. We will be taking pictures and videos of you all and promote the reflections and solutions to the most pressing European issues. 

    These memories will be the living testimony of your engagement by which you will finish empowered as nowhere else.

    Please participate in the projects our Media Team Members have constructed for you : without the participation of delegates and officials, these projects can’t reflect what really matters about this event – you!  

    The Media Team is also here to help you, to talk to you and make the session more dynamic as ever, so please don’t hesitate to come, talk to us and make jokes with us! 

    Can’t wait to see you,



  • Jarne van der Poel (NL)

    Jarne van der Poel (NL)

    EYP is not organised by teachers or professionals, but by a team of young people like yourself, from all across Europe. We are ready to welcome you with open arms. Rest assured that we are here to guide you through this programme every step of the way! 

    The European Youth Parliament is a bit different from similar programmes you may know. First of all, it is not really a debating competition. Instead of competing, it asks you to work together with your peers from other schools, to find the best solutions for the issues facing Europe. EYP is about expanding your horizon: you will discover issues in European society that you may have never heard about before and listen to the views of other young people you have never met before! I encourage you to allow EYP and the people in it to challenge you and broaden your horizons.

    EYP is also not a simulation – where you have to represent the position of a certain country – but instead encourages you to share your own opinions about current social and political issues. Try to grab this opportunity with both hands to let your ideas for the future of Europe be clearly heard!

    I cannot wait to hear from you,

    Kind regards,


  • Mara van Hermon (NL) & Anna van Pouderooijen (NL)

    Mara van Hermon (NL) & Anna van Pouderooijen (NL)

    Additionally, Wageningen is very green, in both senses of the word. Surrounded by the beautiful Binnenveldse Hooilanden, de Uiterwaarden with the river Rhine and de Wageningse Berg with its forest and arboretum, among other things, you are really immersed in nature. Therefore, there is a big focus on sustainability with an abundance of second-hand stores and small businesses selling local products. We want this theme to be palpable throughout our session and to highlight local entrepreneurs and creatives.

    Our goal is to challenge and be challenged. We want to learn from more experienced EYPers, but also from you: our delegates. By the end of our session we hope to have helped you become more independent and curious young people, which are two qualities that we value deeply. ‘Exploring’ and ‘broadening your horizon’ are some of the key words of our session. We feel it is important to keep growing and dare to look outside your bubble even though that might be uncomfortable.

    Us both being first-time (Head-)Organisers, we were unsure of what this journey would bring and if we were even qualified enough to take on a project this big. What we have learned is that, with the help of others, you grow into the role you were convinced was too challenging for you. A regional selection conference is often the first step in the EYP career of many delegates and officials and we want you to feel comfortable to explore these new sides of yourself, because it is crucial to keep expanding your knowledge and skills in this ever-changing world. 

    Lastly, we want to challenge and be challenged, spark your creativity, encourage you to make mistakes, ask questions and most of all believe in yourself, because we will be learning and growing alongside you. A quote that resonated with us very much is:

    I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that!

    Pippi Longstocking

    With that we hope to have sparked your enthusiasm and we are looking forward to seeing you in Wageningen!


    Anna and Mara