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  • Travel Information Haarlem 2022


    Dear Delegates and Officials, welcome to the Regional Conference Haarlem of EYP the Netherlands. The purpose of this page is to provide you with a guide on how to reach us in Haarlem. As organising team of Haarlem 2022, we will provide you with further information about the session (programme, packing list, etc.) soon, this booklet is specifically meant as a travel guide to Haarlem. If you have any queries or issues with your travels or the session in general, please get in touch with the Delegate Support Organiser ([email protected]) if you are participating as a delegate, or Officials Support Organiser ([email protected]) if you will be attending the event as an official.

    Sustainable travel 

    As you know, the theme of this session is: “Navigating the road to recovery”. This theme aims for the session to be the starting point of recovery. Therefore, the session must be as sustainable as possible. We will try our best to reduce our conference’s environmental impact by recycling, minimising food waste, and using less paper, among other things. The carbon footprint of your travel to and from the session is one aspect of the session that also has a significant environmental impact. Therefore, we strongly advise you to travel sustainably! To put it simply, sustainable travel entails being a thoughtful traveller and selecting wisely throughout your journey. We have some travel advice for you to use as a guide while making these decisions.


    For our international delegates and officials, we would like to urge you to not take the plane (if at all possible). It is widely acknowledged that air travel is by far the most polluting mode of transportation. If flying is your only option, though, please think about picking a more environmentally friendly airline. For instance, EasyJet is one of the least polluting airlines in Europe, while Ryanair is the most polluting.


    Travelling by train is by far the least polluting method of transportation. We strongly advise you to take the train when coming to Haarlem because the Dutch railway system is highly advanced and effective. This is also a viable option for some international delegates and officials, as you can travel from Berlin/Paris/London to Amsterdam by train and get to Haarlem from there.


    Although using the bus is more environmentally friendly than driving, both are better than going by plane. International participants may find travelling by bus to be an appealing alternative to flying because it is often less expensive. If you do decide to go by car, consider carpooling with friends to reduce your carbon impact and have fun while on the road!

    Arrival & Departure

    When and where?

    Officials will be expected to arrive Friday the 2nd of December at 11 AM. Delegates will be expected to arrive Saturday the 3rd of December at 08:30 AM.

    Both officials and delegates will be expected at the venue where we will be staying during the session: Mendelcollege Haarlem (Pim Mulierlaan 4, 2024 BT Haarlem) You can find directions on how to get there in the section Getting There.


    The session will be closed on Sunday the 4th of December around 17:30PM at the Mendelcollege in Haarlem. So do take into account that you will not be able to leave before 16:15PM when planning your journey home. 


    We would strongly advise our international participants to download the public transportation 

    apps “9292” and “NS” which can further help you navigate your way to Haarlem. If you plan on travelling internationally by train, you can download the “NS International” app to help you  find the right train.

    Getting there


    There are multiple airports at which you can arrive. Options include Schiphol Airport (which is the biggest in the Netherlands), Eindhoven Airport, Maastricht Airport and Airport  Rotterdam/The Hague. From the Schiphol Airport, you can take a train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk where you will have to transfer trains. From there you can take a train to Haarlem or Bloemendaal. If you land in Eindhoven, your journey will be a bit longer and more complicated, thus it would be best to plan your trip with “9292” or the “NS” app. The same goes for those who land in Maastricht. For Airport Rotterdam/The Hague, the best option is to take the RET Frequentbus 33 to Meijersplein, get off at Meijersplein, take a metro to The Hague Central Station and then take a train to Haarlem. 


    Haarlem is very accessible by train. Your final station will be either Bloemendaal or Haarlem, depending on the route you take. From Bloemendaal, it is only an 8 minute walk to the school. From Haarlem, however, it would be advisable to take a either bus 2 to Haarlem Noord Spaarne Gasth. and get off at the stop of Anthony Fokkerlaan, from where it is a 5-10 minute walk to the Mendelcollege, or bus 3 to Ijmuiden Rotonde Stadspark and get off at the stop of Zaanenlaan, from where it is a 10-15 minute walk. 

    For our international participants, we advise you to book tickets and plan your journey beforehand to avoid any confusion at the website of NS.

    Good luck getting there!

    For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

    Officials Support:

    [email protected]

    Delegate Support:

    [email protected]

  • Word of Welcome from the Head of Jury of Haarlem 2022

    Hello all! I hope that you are as excited to come to the session as I am. My name is Iona, I’m a law student from Edinburgh, and I will be Head of Jury at the session.

    At the session, the jury team will be prioritising self-development. We want all session participants that we interact with to focus not on future selection, but instead on the opportunity right in front of them. The jury team hopes to create a comfortable, ambitious environment at Haarlem where we can all try out new things, take risks, and have the space to self-reflect and grow. We are hoping to inject fun into the selection process, innovating methods to be as productive as possible whilst equally ensuring the welfare of all participants.

    We hope that all participants will open their eyes to new perspectives, learn something new, and take the time to get to know their fellow participants. The jury team is always open to answer your questions about the session, EYP, or anything else you might want to chat about. We can’t wait to meet you all!

    See you in Haarlem,


  • Word of Welcome from the Editress of Haarlem 2022

    Dear participants,

    It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Haarlem 2022- Regional Session of EYP Nederlands.

    “Navigating the road to recovery”, dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and finding new ways to deal with this beautiful world is driving us all. It is my honour to be the editor of this session and create with the media team, and your great out put. 

    As the media team of this session, we want our media output to reflect the bright future we envision. With this session, I want to showcase the fantastic projects and outputs that can be created. I am excited and honoured to be able to document this step forward. Let’s take the stage together. We the media team are honoured to be able to document this step forward and allow the memories made to be kept forever.

    We will create a varied output for the session to allow for the session to be remembered in many different ways. On behalf of the media team, there is only one thing more to say: We are so excited to meet all of you individuals and hopefully work with you as the session progresses. 

    Let’s start this exciting journey together! You will discuss various issues and take the steps forwards to a future without inequality, exclusion, discrimination, unemployment and mental well-being. In this session, you will meet new people, some of whom could become great friends. Media is a place where you can express yourself without fear.  BE YOU ! 

    Therefore I  encourage you to participate in all the activities actively and contribute as much as possible. After the session, you will have the media output to reflect on, and you can laugh and smile at the memories and friends you have made.

    Thank you for joining us on the adventure ahead of us, and we can´t wait to be fabulous together.

    Warm welcome,

    Hannah Amanda Aichhorn

  • Word of Welcome from the President of Haarlem 2022

    Dear Participants,

    It is my greatest honour to be presiding Haarlem 2022 – Regional Conference of EYP the Netherlands and now it comes to great pleasure to welcome you to the session. It is always a pleasure to return to NCs that I have worked with, this time EYP the Netherlands has entrusted me with presiding over one of their sessions. Together with the amazing Leadership of the session we will do everything in our powers to make the session as enjoyable for you as possible. 

    With the overarching theme: New Beginnings, and Haarlem 2022 specific motto: Navigating road to recovery, I believe that we are finally at a point where we can focus on how we can make our lives and society better rather than on how to survive one crisis after another. 

    I believe that upon leaving Haarlem you will have made many new friends, discussed many new ideas and felt “connected” with people you have not even met a few days before. I strongly believe that though we may come from many different countries and backgrounds, at the end of the day, we are not all that different. As such, I aim for the academic focus of the session to be on how our differences connect us and how we can use them to learn more about each other. With that being said, I truly cannot wait for what is ahead of us.

    See you soon in Haarlem

    Marek Příplata

  • Words of Welcome Head-Organisers

    Welcome to Haarlem!

    We are beyond excited to gather so many of you in our hometown Haarlem! When we started organising this conference back in May, it was impossible to imagine exactly what the conference would look like. We had ideas, dreams and could not wait to start organising the session. Along the way, we found out that organising a session is not as easy as we initially thought. However, after uncountable moments of personal growth, we can say that we are extremely proud of the conference, and extremely thankful to all the people who helped us create and execute our vision.

    For you, delegates, Haarlem can also be a great opportunity for your own personal growth. We will do our utmost to make the regional conference of Haarlem a place where such growth is easy to obtain. We understand that a regional session can be overwhelming sometimes because of the group of people you don’t know that well or when you represent your committee with a speech, but we still highly recommend you to take on that challenge!

    Moreover, we would like to encourage you to engage with all the people at the conference.

    EYP is a special organisation, which is entirely due to its members from all over Europe. At a conference like this, which is relatively short, it might seem difficult to bond with people, but give it a go! Maybe you’ll get to meet these people again later on, maybe you won’t, but either way you can have fun with them during the couple of days you do get to spend with them. 

    See you in Haarlem,

    Ruben and Nagham