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  • Words of Welcome from the President of Delft 2022

    Dear Participant,

    As President of the Delft Regional Conference, it is my honour to welcome you to this event.

    For many months, both my team and the other teams have been working diligently to make this session possible. Dedicating much of their free time to the success of this session, my team has been hard at work researching, writing the Topic Overviews and becoming experts in their respective subjects. Subjects ranging from inflation and ecology to defence and foreign policy. All of them are highly relevant issues which Europe is facing now, and which we will have to deal with in the short term. Soon, by doing your own research and with the guidance of the Topic Overviews, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into those subjects and become experts yourself.

    Working under the theme of ‘New beginnings: turning crises into opportunities’, it has been my vision from the start to help create an environment wherein participants can meet new people, grow their mutual understanding and are handed the tools for change. You’ll have the opportunity to develop yourself, gain ownership and grow academically. Your views will be challenged, and you’ll be challenging the views of others. However, rather than letting that divide us, through debating in good faith and opening yourself up to other points of view, it will bring us closer together. Over the course of this conference, I am looking forward to seeing what progress you make, what new skills you learn and what valuable experiences you’ll be taking home.

    For now, I wish you the best of luck in preparing yourself for the session, and I am very much looking forward to meeting you all very soon.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Tim van Woezik