3rd Benelux Youth Forum

The Hague 2023

The Benelux Youth Forum is a debating conference that brings together youngsters from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It is organised by the European Youth Parliament (EYP) together with the Benelux Parliament. During this event, participants will discuss topics that are currently relevant in the Benelux. This way, the  Benelux Parliament gets valuable input from young people’s perspectives, as young people often come up with innovative ideas. 

The Benelux Youth forum 2023 will host 49 youngsters from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, to simulate the Benelux Parliament, which also has 49 seats for representatives from the three countries. In this third edition of the Benelux Youth Parliament, participants will discuss topics around the theme “Digital Benelux”, including e-health, online voting and cycling policy. Participants will compose a resolution around one of these topics in groups of about 15 people. On Friday afternoon, we will discuss these resolutions in a plenary session with all 49 participants. After the event, the resolutions will be shared with the Benelux Parliament, so they can discuss the ideas of our young participants. 

September 28 & 29

First Chamber The Hague

€ 20 for food & accommodation

Practical information

The Benelux Youth Forum 2023 will take place on the 28th and 29th of September 2023 in The Hague. The conference will start on Thursday around 10:30 and it will end around 17:00 on Friday. The programme will include elements such as teambuilding exercises, group discussions to write resolutions, an evening programme, and a plenary session. 

The participation fee for the Benelux Youth Forum 2023 is €20 per participant. This includes all programme elements, accommodation for one night (Thursday-Friday) and meals during the conference (lunch and dinner on Thursday, breakfast and lunch on Friday). Participation fee does not include travel costs. If possible, we would like to accommodate participants coming from far with travel reimbursements, but we are still in the process of arranging this, so we can not promise this yet.

This event will host both French-speaking and Dutch-speaking participants. Therefore, all plenary parts of the event will take place in English. During the group discussions on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, participants will speak French and Dutch, as live translators will be present for these discussions. 

Leading up to the event, all information will be available in both French and Dutch as much as possible.


Aniek Wiegand


As project manager, Aniek arranges the logistical and financial operation of the event and leads a team of Organisers

Patricia Creutz


As President of the Benelux Parliament and patron of EYP the Netherlands, Mrs. Creutz chairs the General Assembly.