Benelux Youth Forum 2021

In cooperation with the Benelux Union and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Benelux Youth Forum will take place from the October 21 and 22 in the Belgian Senate. 47 delegates from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg will come together to debate on Climate and Sustainability.

Key points

The Benelux Youth Forum copies the set-up of the real bi-annual Benelux Union Parliament meeting


Belgian delegates


Dutch delegates


Luxembourg delegates



getting to know and work with your fellow delegates

Thursday morning

Committee Work

in the Benelux House

Thursday afternoon


about the sustainability topics with coaches and experts

Friday morning

General Assembly

in the federal parliament (Senate or Chamber) with Members of Parliament

Friday afternoon

Dinner & Reception

A time to reflect on the forum and chat with Members of Parliament

Friday night

Benelux Youth Forum 2021 will take place in

Topic Overviews

To prepare for the event, delegates can study the topic of their committee using information overviews provided by the academic team. These will be posted here as soon as they are finished.


Meet the volunteers behind the event

Organising Team

Jef Druyts President of EYP Belgium
Head-Organiser of the project
Point of contact for the Belgian delegation
Joris Dietz Secretary & International Coordinator of EYP The Netherlands
In charge of design and communication
Point of contact for Dutch delegation
Alexandra Beiros President of EYP Luxembourg
Point of contact for Luxembourg delegation

Academic Team

Patricia Creutz President of the Benelux Parliament
Chairperson of the General Assembly

Media Team